Monday, March 08, 2010

Venting the Anger: PE Teachers

So lately I have began to really dislike going to work. And I think I know why now. I have a new room in a new building next to PE. Now let me tell you how it is supposed to be...or at least it was when I was coaching many years ago. The PE teachers are supposed to give the students 10 minutes after the bell rings to change, and they are supervising to make sure nothing happens in the locker room. Then they go in 10 minutes before the bell so the students can change and take a shower, if they want. In all my years, I have never seen a regular PE class take a shower, sports yes. Now keep in my our periods are 55 minutes long, so they are only "teaching" for 35 minutes. On block days, when the period is 1 hour 45 minutes long, they go in 15 minutes early. Why the extra 5 minutes? Who knows. During that time, someone is supposed to supervise the shower/locker room and a few others are supposed to be around the edge of the area to make sure no one wonders the campus.

So how is this a venting the anger post? Well, I have been doing a little math. PE teachers have only 35 minutes of "instructional time". I use that term loosely because there is no instruction going on. From my vantage point, I see the kids line up, take role and that's it. They play around for 35 minutes. If students don't want to participate, then they just sit down. No instruction goes on. I love the teachers that bring out a paper and read all period or the ones that text or make calls all period.

Now, here's when I really get mad. Over the past week, I have been watching that the teachers are taking longer and longer to come out. One comes out 15 minutes after the bell. That extra 5 minutes adds up to 20 minutes a day, 1 hour 40 minutes a see where this is going. Today a teacher came out 23 minutes after the bell rang! Why bother coming out? His students were just sitting there!

These same teachers get a prep period as well! For what? There is no testing they have to prepare for. There is no homework given. We are laying off actual teachers and keeping PE teachers. It's a joke! In fact, I have heard some PE teachers just give passes until the final grade is due, so they don't have to calculate anything. Can you imagine if a regular ed teacher did that?

I also love block days, when all the PE teachers take their kids to the track and let them run/walk the track while they talk for about an hour.

How about merit pay for PE teachers? If they can't play a sport or do the mile in X amount of time they lose pay?

So how do I see this if I am teaching? I am on the second floor of a new building and keep my door open. It's not hard to look outside when I am walking around the class.

Some might view this as me whining about PE teachers... to you I say no. I am upset that we are keeping PE alive when we are laying off good teachers that actually work.

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