Sunday, March 07, 2010

Music Non Stop: 2010 slow start...

I know that the year isn't even a quarter of the way done yet, but I should have found one good album by now. Fear Factory's new album is better than Transgression, but still not that memorable. I found Threat Signal's last album a lot better. I'm not sure if Arkaea's debut is as good as Fear Factory. By the way, why am I comparing those bands? They are all very closely related. Read about it here.

Arsis' new album is a drastic change in direction for them. They have gone with a more lite-hearted approach to their brand of death metal. Just watch the video above for Forced to lined guitar? Musically, though, it's pretty good. I can always thrown on an Arsis album and enjoy it for awhile. They still haven't topped their debut, but I'm not going to hold it against them. In case you are interested, this is a video from their last album, We are the Nightmare.

Mnemic's latest Sons of the System is better than Passenger, but is nowhere near Audio Injected Soul. I still don't understand the switch in vocalists. To me, they haven't recovered. It's a step in the right direction, but...

In Mourning, Living Sacrifice, and Mutiny Within grabbed my attention with some pretty good albums in a down year.

I am still hoping for something good to come out. I highlighted a couple in the beginning of the year, so hopefully things will still pan out. Remember, it wasn't until June/July last year that some high quality albums started coming out.

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