Friday, April 18, 2008

Spotlight: Metallica

So we have finally made it to my favorite band of all time...Metallica. I have already told you that I didn't get into Metallica was actually Megadeth. But the first time I heard Metallica, they blew me away. My brother was into Metallica and he drove us to school, so guess what I listened to. Anyway, I really got into Metallica with TBA-era because of the tour with GnR, who I really loved. That album was very good. I don't listen to it that much, but it was the metal album of the time. And despite what people might say about it now, it was and is a metal album. The production was so much better than any metal album at the time that it seemed like a sell out type album...which is weird because this album was hyped so much. I remember watching MTV show different record stores where the album went on sale at midnight and it was chaos. Metal fans were eating it up, yet years later they turned on Metallica.

But that's getting ahead of myself. The album is metal, listen to the beginning riff of Of Wolf and Man, or the riffs on Sad But True...killer stuff. So the next album I heard was Load, which was a total departure from previous albums. Load and Re-Load are more hard rock/blues influenced metal. With that being said I really enjoyed Load and still do, as with Re-Load. Although, I always felt they sort of made Re-Load a bit heavier.

But the big thing going on for me was the singles they were releasing with the album. They would have classic songs being played live. Now let me say this right now, I absolutely love the live versions of their songs during this line-up. Hearing the Kill em All/Ride the Lightning Medley was awesome...10 minutes of pure thrash. It was because of these singles that I went back and got everything Metallica. By the time I was a senior in high school, Metallica was by far my favorite band.

So the Metallica catalog is so diverse and lengthy that this should take about 2 - 3 weeks to get through. I will be starting with their latest and going back to their debut (opposite from what I did with Megadeth).

Playlist for the week:
Monday: Frantic, Sweet Amber from St. Anger
Tuesday: Helpless (live 97), The Wait from Garage Inc.
Wednesday: Sabbra Cadabra, Whiskey in the Jar from garage Inc.
Thursday: I Disappear, No Leaf Clover from MI: 2 Soundtrack and S&M (Symphony & Metallica)
Friday: Bad Seed, Fixxxer from Re-Load

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