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Spotlight: Megadeth ...getting better with age?

So I left off part one with Megadeth releasing TWNAH, which was a strong return to form. It has classic thrashers like Return to Hangar, Recipe for Hate...Warhorse, and Dread and the Fugitive Mind. It had more melodic songs like Disconnect and Motopycho. The guitar solos were great and for me it was their best album since Cryptic Writings...not saying much though since Risk was the only album in between, but I thought CW was better than Youth.

After the tour for TWNAH, Dave injured his arm in a freak injury and disbanded Megadeth. It was quiet for a couple of years and then rumors of Dave starting a solo career or reforming Megadeth started showing up. But Dave's long time bass player (only original member) was let go and a little war of words started up. In the meantime, Dave wrote some songs for his solo album, but released it as a Megadeth album (The System Has Failed) because of contract issues. TSHF took off where TWNAH was going. It was thrashier with the first 3 tracks setting the pace (Blackmail the Universe, Kick the Chair, Die Dead Enough). Die Dead Enough was the melodic rock/thrash song like Disconnect except a bit faster with a catchier chorus. Songs like Back in the Day and The Scorpion helped put this album up their for metal albums of the year. Fans were starting to come around to the fact that Megadeth was back. Plus the fact Vic was back on the cover in his class poses with the government...sort of like R.I.P.

During the recording of TSHF, Dave used session musicians and Chris Poland (from the 1st 2 Megadeth albums) to play on the album. So he went out and hired some regular members and hit the road again. After the tour he almost disbanded Megadeth a second time, but decided against it and recorded their latest United Abominations. A classic slam at political views namely the U.N. (obviously).
BTW, check out that cool cover...very reminiscent of Peace Sells. UA has the same kind of tracks like TWNAH and TSHF, thrash songs and some melodic songs. I have to say that the last 3 Megadeth albums are the best 3 in a row albums since SFSGSW, R.I.P., and CtE. Here is my ultimate playlist for the albums.

1. Disconnect (from The World Needs a Hero)
2. The World Needs a Hero (from The World Needs a Hero)
3. Motopycho (from The World Needs a Hero)
4. Recipe for Hate...Warhorse (from The World Needs a Hero)
5. Dread and the Fugitive Mind (from The World Needs a Hero)
6. Return to Hangar (from The World Needs a Hero)
7. When (from The World Needs a Hero)
8. Kill the King (from Capitol Punishment [1st greatest hits] recorded during TWNAH sessions)
9. Blackmail the Universe (from The System has Failed)
10. Die Dead Enough (from The System has Failed)
11. Kick the Chair (from The System has Failed)
12. The Scorpion (from The System has Failed)
13. Sleepwalker (from United Abominations)
14. Washington is Next! (from United Abominations)
15. United Abominations (from United Abominations)
16. You're Dead (from United Abominations)
17. Burnt Ice (from United Abominations)

A little heavy on the TWNAH era, but the guitar work is top notch on that album.

I will post the weekly playlist later.
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