Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thoughts Without Words: school accident

Well we get back from spring break and we are all greeted with an email from our principal informing us that there was a car accident on the previous Friday involving some of our current and former students...out of the 5 people in the car 4 were killed. Needless to say some of our students and staff are a bit saddened by this loss.

Well if you missed my previous posts on the CST's, we were supposed to start the test today. I was about to go off on how they expect students to be machines and just work without feelings, when our school administrators did a great thing and postponed the test for a week.

It takes an accident and the loss of lives to make some people see that these kids have so much going on in their lives. We knew about the accident, but what about the student that was berated by their family the night before? Or the one that just got dumped? We seem to forget about those.


ms-teacher said...

Sorry to hear about the loss to your community. This is the kind of thing that terrifies me as a parent.

Good luck on the CST's!

(Where exactly is Walnut, CA anyway?)

Mr. W said...


Walnut is a suburb of Los Angeles. We are about 30 miles east of LA. We would probably be known for Mt. Sac, which was or still is one of the largest junior colleges in the country.

I grew up here and now teach here...interesting to see the changes.