Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Four Horsemen VS. Mechanix

So Monday & Tuesday I am playing two songs from two different bands whicha re nearly identical minue the lyrics. It's a rare look at the beginning of two bands. You can read about it HERE, but in a nutshell. Metallica used to play a song in their set called the Mechanix, it was written by Dave Mustaine. When he was kicked out of Metallica they changed the title and lyrics to The Four Horsemen. When Mustaine recorded Megadeth's debut he recorded the Mechanix.

Now I heard the Four Horsemen 1st and to me it is a classic song. Great metal lyrics, killer guitar riffs, and an awesome solo. When I heard Mechanix for the first time I was blown away because of the speed of the song. Mustaine's version is sped up a quiet a bit.

So which is better? Mechanix is faster, but the lyrics are pretty weak (about a garage mechanic who fantasies about some lady). Four Horsemen has better lyrics, but the whole bridge solo is kinda weak and they never play it live. So I will go with the LIVE version of The Four Horsemen.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this is one of the main reasons that Metallica and Megadeth will forever be associated with each other.

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Mrs. Bluebird said...

Oh gosh, I lived in Diamond Bar when you were probably in elementary school. I graduated from Cal Poly in 1984 if that gives you any idea. I didn't begin teaching until 2001 when I was already in Ohio! I did go to the Pomona Valley Mining Company last summer when I was out visiting my mother (who lives in San Diego) and I didn't recognize the area at all. It's changed a lot - it used to be pretty vacant and rural. No longer!