Sunday, April 27, 2008

What can brown do for you? On my way back

So it has been awhile since I posted, but let me share with you guys the beginning of my return to the sort aisle. I had been on load side for about 5 months and everything was running smooth. I had a great belt. We were going down on time most everyday and the found in loads (next day air loaded with regular packages) were pretty much non-existent. I had created a spread sheet to track pph, f.i.l.'s, hours for indivuals and a similar sheet for the enitre belt. Shon liked it so much he wanted every sup on load side to use it. So everything was great...then Shon told us that he was leaving the building. Now a full timer could make you have a great job (like Shon or Tom) or a crappy one (like Marie). Marie took over and she was just lost. Rumor had it that she hadn't even been with the company for more than a year. That's right I had more experience than her, and it showed.

I was getting really mad coming to work because, unlike Shon, Marie was a mirco-manager. She was always checking/double checking my work. I will never forget one day before Shon left (he was training Marie) she was asking why the bottom belt was off and he told her just watch, he will go down clean don't worry about the bulk or anything...and we did go down fine. But as soon as Shon left, Marie always wanted that damn belt running. I can't remember how many fights we got into over it. She was just bad...bad...bad. Seriously, the worst.

So one day they were short sups in the sort aisle. So who do they call? That's right me. Now Bill was in charge at the time and he was running the unload because of the shortage of sups. He told me that they were on the last trailer (in door 11) and they were going to double it out and it wasn't to get backed up. Now door 11 is horrible for a trailer because you can only flow it to 11 or 12. If it was any other door you could flow it down more. So Bill tells me over the radio, "if you are that good it won't get backed up". Now I was a little more cocky, because of my success on load side, so I yelled across and told him to bring it. I took two sorters and placed them at 11 and 12. This was an uncommon move, most of the time sups place both sorters at the drop point on 12 and let the work flow. I thought that didn't work because sorters talked, more jam points from door 11, and sorters got in the way. So when Bill saw the set up he told me don't let it get backed up. They started to unload and I had door 11 closed and all the work was coming down to 11. The sorter was putting it away, and packages started to fill his slide. Bill looked concerned, but before he could talk I opened it up to 12 and let it flow to the other sorter. So while 12 was putting it away 11 was cleaning up his slide. I continued to do this for the entire time. The sorters never got back up and we finished the trailer on time. Now of course I am screaming across to Bill ( the BUILIDNG MANAGER) all sorts of trash talk. You name it I probably said it. He just smiled and that was it...not even a good job.
I went back to load side and then proceeded to go down clean on my belt. It was a great day. A couple days later, right before Bill transferred out of the building, he made the decision to move me back to the sort aisle. Now whether it was Bill's call or Tom's who was probably watching I will never know. I would like to think it was because of that day in the aisle.
So I was told on a Friday to go to the sort aisle on Monday. I was pumped to return. So much that after we went down, I could care less about load side. I was checking out and Marie told me to make sure the air cans were moved. I told her someone comes by and takes them out. She said "no you go down and pull them out." I looked at her and said "you know I am going back to the sort aisle on Monday right?" She said yes, so I looked at her and said ok bye. I just walked out and that was my last encounter with Marie for awhile...classic.

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