Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughts Without Words: Teachers Grading Parents?

An interesting and novel idea. Florida's Representative Kelli Stargel wants to give teachers the ability to grade parents. Here's some of her quotes;
We have student accountability, we have teacher accountability, and we have administration accountability. This was the missing link, which was, look at the parent and making sure the parents are held accountable.
I think it would be the best scenario, if parents could be made responsible... We have them only so many hours. The first lessons come from home.
My reaction? Where do I sign up? Out of 175 students this year only 35 parents showed up to Back to School Night. Take off some points there. Not checking grades online? Take off some points there. Constantly late to school? Take off some points there.

I don't know who Kelli Stargel is, but congrats to her for finally putting the light on the parents for a change.

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