Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Music Non Stop: Dead by April new song

This year is quickly becoming one of the best years for music in quite some time. I have about 4 - 5 really good albums already and still more to come including Dead by April's new one.

They released a demo of a new song that should be on their new album later this year, More Than Yesterday.

Sounds pretty solid. A little more screaming than some of their songs off their debut which is a plus for me. I thought their debut had some potential, but they went a little softer than they should have with the keyboards moving to the front of the mixes.

The vocalist, Jimmie Strimmel, is amazing. He only did one album with Nightrage, but that album is fantastic. I wish they would move a bit more towards that style with some of the techno/trance elements, like the intro here. This intro is pretty damn impressive. I hope that this isn't the only "heavy" song on the album and is more of the norm, rather than the exception.

Almost forgot, they released a minute sample before Christmas, which sounds pretty good as well. The two songs I have heard seem to feature more screams. This should be a great album...fingers crossed.

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