Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In Flames - Come Clarity

Wow... 2 posts in one day!!! What is the world coming to? Anyway let me continue from this mornings In Flames post. First off, I kept quoting the "death metal" category because In Flames to me is Swedish Death Metal. They really started that whole sound. Now you will also see it as Gothenburg Metal, but for me Swedish Death metal.

Ok so I left off with their last two albums Reroute to Remain and Soundtrack to Your Escape. RtR was a huge experiment for the band after the successful Clayman. Despite what most fans think, I personally loved the album for it's daring change of style. Soundtrack to Your Escape kept some of the elements from RtR, but also mixed in some of the speed from earlier albums.

So last year they brought us Come Clarity. This album was a natural follow up to StYE. It continued to mix the styles, but with more of an emphasis on Clayman. Why? How about the return of the twin guitars, speed, and awesome solos...while keeping the vocal melody they started with RtR and StYE. When I first heard the single Take This Life I was floored. The intial speed and brutality was unmistakable, then the chorus was so beautiful it shocked the hell out of me. So what you get on this album is that perfect combination of Clayman's speed & solos with RtR/StYE melodies. The album on the whole is a very solid album, minus the sing-a-long Scream. There is also a female vocalist on one song, Dead End. It is a nice change of pace and she doesn't overshadow the rest of the band so it's not a big deal. In fact it's one of my favorite songs on the album.

In Flames' Myspace (Take This Life, Leeches, Come Clarity, A Touch of Red)

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