Tuesday, June 05, 2007

End of the year....

Well here we are another end of the school year. This year is a little different because I came into this school 3 years ago and most of my classes were filled with sophmores...you do the math and realize they are graduating. A little bitter sweet you could say. Hopefully, they have learned right from wrong and will make some good decisions in their adult life. Oh well...life goes on right? Good luck to the class of 07.

As for my classes, believe it or not I do reflect on my teaching style. I know I have a lonng way to go before I am comfortable in my style, but Alg. B this year was pretty close. The daily quizzes, continuing to work on older material on a daily basis was a good idea. I also thought taking away the calculators with a month before state testing was a good idea too. As for my Geometry class, I did the same lessons as last year, but I couldn't motivate them it seemed like. I thought my tests were written a bit better with more multiple choice questions (to prepare theym for state testing), but for some reason they just didn't click. Algebra 2...oh my where do I start? Mainly seniors, who didn't need the class, was the first warning sign. I think I presented the material fairly well, but I need to tweak it some more...fine tune it if you will. Summer school will be a good place for me to improve my Algebra 2 techniques and lessons.

I have no idea what my schedule will be like next year, if I get another Alg. 2 class I am sure I will do better. I am curious about this Geometry AB course we offer. Who knows? I won't find out for another few weeks...or months.

As for my music...I think I did a fair job of exposing them to new music. It's funny to watch kids come in as they hear metal playing in the class for the first time. Most give a double take...like wait this is a math class. We played everything from Metallica (of course) to Lacuna Coil. Motley Crue to Guns N Roses...you get the idea. I would have to say The Polyphonic Spree was a surprise hit for the class...a catchy song that had most humming at some point of the class. Omissions from this year, Velvet Revolver, Foo Fighters (only 1 song), Testament, and some others that I can't believe I missed out on. It's funny, most kids know these metal bands from Guitar Hero. To hear them come in and ask for Hangar 18...well who am I to say no, right?

A side note...I scan/rescan all of the lyrics for any curse words. That's why I stay off of the rap music, my students say they can't understand it anyway, but I tell them that I would know and it's wrong.

So next stop...Disneyland and grad night a first for me. Then a week off with the baby and then summer school. Good times.

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