Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tags Explained: part 2 (with videos)

ok so I noticed my traffic is going up, so I figured I would explain my tags again. All of my tags are from songs, since I wanted this to be a music blog. But it has turned into literally my world, so I talk about everything, but all of my tags are still songs. So here are my "bigger" tags and the videos that go with them.

Venting the Anger: for when I have something to get off of my chest and complain. the song is from Susperia's EP Devil May Care.

Music Non Stop: this is a new tag, replacing the Spotlight tag. I use it to talk about bands that I am listening to at the moment. The song is a cover from Mercenary's 11 Dream

Thoughts Without Words: just me talking about things. Not really angry just questions and comments. The song is from Shadows Fall's third album The Art of Balance. Side note, this is the song that really started my journey into heavier music after Metallica and Megadeth.

The Sun Always Shines on T.V.: my favorite tv shows and some movie information. If you know me you know I love my tv. One of my favorite tags. The song is a cover of an A-Ha song by Susperia on the same EP as Venting the Anger. It was a sequel to Take On Me. Great cover

Who Decides: my tag for my top 10 lists or any list of mine. The song is from Nevermore off of their highly underrated Enemies of Reality.

Tirades of Truth: for my reviews. Anything I review; movies, TV, and music. You name it if I review it's here. Song is from Devildriver's classic album The Last King Words.

Right Now: for my quick hitting updates. Just mainly bullets of what is going on. From Van Halen's last good album For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

The Last Laugh: new tag, just for funny or ironic news stories. Song is from Iced Earth's album The Dark Saga. Great song and solid album based upon Spawn. Check out that cover...nice. But Iced Earth always has great artwork.

Futureal: for my prediction threads, usually pop up at the end of the year. Song is from Iron Maiden's Virtual XI. Great album despite Bruce Dickinson not singing on the album.

Last but not least,
What can brown do for you?: Turning out to be my favorite posts actually. These will focus on my 5 years at UPS. I am trying to go in order, but I won't be able to stay linear forever. No song, but from their ad campaign a few years back.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog; I wasn't sure you'd get my response there. Just in case you do, feel free to delete this here:

Mr. W - First let me congratulate you on not being a teacher snob! It is an issue I'd like to overcome. I think it stems from seeing hard working teachers like myself or my close teacher friends get burned out giving 100% while we look down the hall and see others who definitely aren't. I do know know there are better teachers than me - TONS, and I work harder every year to learn from their examples. But I do look at some people and wonder how they still have a job.

I would love to believe test results are a direct result of my work, because I know I do work hard. But no, ultimately, I don't put stock in judging myself or others by standard tests; there are incredible flaws with the testing system, and there's so much more going on with students than just what the test can measure...well, I'm sure you know the laundry list of issues with standardized tests. So, while I like to get good results because I know that administrators & other Higher Ups value them, I also know they don't give a complete picture. Thanks for stopping in & I hope you do come by for more.