Monday, February 22, 2010

Thoughts Without Words: Fainting Student

So this past Friday I had a student "faint" in class. I was lecturing and this student kept coughing. I suggested that they get some water. The student said they were fine. Then all of a sudden they start looking like a cat coughing up a hair ball. I try to give the student some water and once again was told no. Then the student starts to "cry" about not being able to breathe. So I decided to call the office/nurse just to cover my butt, even though I thought the student was faking for attention. So I go back to lecturing as the student is hacking away. All of a sudden I hear a "thud" and turn around and the student is laying on the ground "passed out". I go over to the student and tell the other kids to clear the desks away and move the student's bag and items. At this point the students sits straight up and says "don't touch my stuff!" and lays back down in the classic fainted pose.

So then I move a desk over to elevate the feet and they sit up and tell me not to do that because they are fine. I look at the student and tell him/her to lay back down and not to get up again until the office comes. The office came picked up the student and everything was fine.

So that was Friday. Today, the rest of the class was kind of cruel. When class started some students started to cough and say they felt faint. I told them to stop because knowing my luck I will get a complaint. BTW, this student gave us some drama earlier on in the year...I might get to that one next time.


Mrs. H said...

Now that, was a funny story!

Mr. W said...

yeah it was. Unfortunately, this student gave us major drama first semester which wasn't too funny...more annoying. Caused the class some headaches.

I know I have only been teaching 7 years, but I think this is a story I will remember for a long time.