Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inside Four Walls: Book Check

Ok, so I have another new tag. This tag will be all about my classroom and things that happen at my school. Now this isn't replacing Thoughts Without Words, but it will change that tag obviously. I will explain the change for the next Thought Without Words post.

Back to the story. I moved into a new classroom this year, totally brand new first teacher in the room. So I have a ton of storage. I have told students from day 1 that my room is not a locker. They need to take their books and stuff with them. Now I understand once in awhile a student will forget and I tell them to be more careful. Then I have students that deliberately hide their books from me. For example, I had one freshman hide is book in my actual cabinet. Another was using an old desk of mine with the storage underneath. So I took the book that was in the desk and decided to have a teachable moment with this freshman.

I started teaching like normal, on a block day (80 minutes), and then assigned an in class assignment. The freshman couldn't do it because she didn't have a book. So I was watching her and then announced we would be having a book check in a few minutes. Well the student asked to use the bathroom, so they wouldn't be there for the book check. Now before I get too far, I tell my students that if everyone has their book, then everyone gets extra points. So she comes back with another book...her music book. I barely saw the label on the side. So I start having the students raise their books up. The great part is that the student is the last student, so the class is getting excited. The student holds up the book, with the music label facing away. I ask them if that is their math book or their music book?

Now right then, the students were shocked that I knew it. The freshman is on the other side of the room and some were like "how did he know?" So the freshman said they grabbed the wrong book and would go get the right one. Now this is funny to me because I have the book under my desk! So the freshman is gone for 20 minutes. I know they are frantically searching for a book asking friends and what not. So the freshman comes back in and gives some story about the locker getting jammed and how they needed to get help. Here is the conversation that took place;
Me: Let me make sure that is your book.
Freshman: ok, it's mine you can check.
Me: Is your name in it?
Freshman: no, I don't write my name in my we have to?
(Funny part, the freshman's name is in their book under my desk)
Me: no but you should. (I check it and hand it back. As the student is walking away) Are you sure it's yours?
Freshman: yes, I told you.
Me: you aren't lying? You were gone a long time.
Freshman: Yes, it's my book what else do I need to do to prove to you it's my book?
Me: (dramatically) If that's your book then why do I have your book right here (I swing it out from my desk dramatically of course)...WITH YOUR NAME IN IT?!?!

The class let out the loudest gasp I had ever heard. Like I just caught a serial killer or something. Then the gasp turned to laughter and then they started to chant my name. Definitely a first for me. I looked at the freshman gave the book back and told them never to lie to me again.

Teachable moment right? Well here's why I don't feel too bad. Because after all of this, the freshman was at their desk saying, I don't know who's book this is because this one was in my locker. They actually continued to lie. *sigh*

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Another great story!