Sunday, February 28, 2010

Inside Four Walls: Special Ed and threats

Interesting topic for everyone to ponder.

We have a special ed student who has repeatedly threatened to blow himself, a specific teacher, and the school numerous times over the past year. Last weekend at Saturday school (detention) he threatened me. He went through the motions of detonating himself in front of me. Now I wasn't going to take this, even if he is special ed. After I said I was going forward to his counselor, the teacher told me about the last year of being told he was going to be blown up.

Long story short, the student was suspended for one day. I am unsure how to feel. I don't think it's enough, but I know his case carrier and counselor very well. They reassure me that he "doesn't understand" and wouldn't do that.

Do you think there should be different rules for special ed students and threats like these?


Ricochet said...

We just had a young man removed from the Special Ed roll because of repeated school violations = and he had maxed out the allowable punishments.

Is it right? Do we really want to judge all special ed students the same as general ed? Some probably don't belong on the SE roll - but where do you draw the line?

If you work with him again, you might try a contract - and reward him if he fails to try to blow you up for X period of time. I had to do this with one to keep her from just walking out of my room.

Mr. W said...

that just read funny to me...

Anyway, they set it up for him that he can't get Saturday detention again. If he does, he will have in school suspension for a day.

teacherblogger411 said...

I cannot believe a kid who makes threats like that is allowed to put a whole student body in jeopardy. Whatever happened to everyone else's right to be safe on campus. I sure hope nothing happens.