Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts Without Words: Two Teachers, One Chair

Ok so this will be the new Thoughts Without Words tag. What I hope to do here is mainly post either stories I find on the web or other blogs I have commented on and post them here.

This is a video of two teachers at a high school. The male teacher is doing his best at giving a lap dance to a female teacher. It was at a pep rally and both teachers have been suspended. You can read more about it here.

Now first off that is totally inappropriate. Especially when he shoves his head between her legs and then gets on top of her. I am sure it was meant to be a joke, but it went south (no pun intended). I think the teachers should be reprimanded, but I don't know if both should be suspended without pay. Here's why.

At most high school dances there is a "new" style of dancing called freak dancing. For those that haven't seen it let me do my best to describe it to you. Basically it is dry sex. That's it. The girls are bent over, the guys are grabbing hips, hair, you name it. The guys sometimes get chairs out on the dance floor and the girls give them lap dances...not joking. Face to face dancing is a thing of the past it seems. I even heard a new term this past week. When two guys have their girls bent over facing each other, and the guys high five each other; that's called the Eiffel Tower. Nice huh?

So if the parents are outraged maybe they should check out one of their kids own dances to see what kind of "dancing" goes on there. This is tame compared to that. So while I do think some punishment is needed, I think suspension without pay might be a little much.


teacherblogger411 said...

Let me be perfectly clear. I think what these teachers were doing is VERY wrong. It is just flat-out inappropriate. But, I think you make a great point about student dances. Freak dancing is sexual assault on the dance floor. I really wonder how many parents know how their students are behaving and how many of them would approve. I think schools should start recruiting more parent chaperones for these dances. Let them see it with their own eyes. And, about the teachers dancing inappropriately at the school assembly, I really think they were trying to be cool and by behaving like that they would get the students' attention. More on this topic to come on my blog. Mark my words... FREAK DANCING IS OING TO LEAD TO A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM!

Mr. W said...

yeah it's definitely a problem waiting to happen. Like you said it is sexual assault on the dance floor. All it is going to take is one incident and one parent following through and there are going to be tons of questions asked as to why the school didn't stop it.

Kevin and Mary said...

Teachers are supposed to be role models. If this is their idea of a joke, they deserve to be unemployed not suspended. The problem with some secondary teachers is that they confuse teaching the age group with acting as though they are part of the age group. Home schooling is looking better and better-

Mr. W said...

thanks honey