Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Thoughts Without Words: Really???

So I haven't really talked much about my classes this year because after the crappy year I had last year, I couldn't find much to complain about. In fact after reading some fellow bloggers, I really can't complain at all.

So I will share an amusing story from today's 5th period class. Now 5th period is after lunch, so my TA is stamping homework while I am starting my lesson. I walk over to her to ask her how many people didn't do it or what not. She tells me about this kid, I will call him Copier, who actually tells her that he is copying someone's homework, I'll call that kid Freshman. She tells me and I send them both up to the office for cheating. Ok, so my TA makes the comment we were all thinking..."how stupid can you be? why didn't you just copy at lunch?" I have mentioned on other blogs how out of control copying is at our school which is why I have cut my homework to only 10% of their overall grade.

So Copier gets a Saturday detention and is all sad. Freshman comes back and I read his referral. It has his conversation with Cheater on it. I quote;
Copier: "Hey can I copy your homework?"
Freshman: "Sure", but I didn't know he would actually copy it. Classic Freshman moment.

So that brought a smile to my face, but then with 15 minutes left I catch Copier with his cell phone out between his legs. I ask if he was texting, he said no. So I said, well your phone isn't supposed to be out. Let me check to see if you sent anything, if you didn't I won't do anything. He tells me that he was texting (duh), but it was 5 minutes ago so it doesn't count. So I sent him up again.


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Reinalyn said...

HAHAHA. sounds like some classmates of mine in college.

Theresa Milstein said...

Funny story! I can't tell if they're really that clueless or they think we teachers are that clueless. Either way, it's easy to catch students in the act.