Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tirades of Truth: Team America

So this is another post that has been in draft mode for awhile, was meant for the 4th of July...obviously.

Team America. The name itself is awesome. This was a movie put together by the creators of South Park and like South Park, they go to extremes to get their point across. The plot itself is pretty basic. Turns out that there exists a secret squad ala the Delta Force that takes out terrorists called Team America. Their leader is killed so they need someone else to come in and take his place as an undercover specialist. So they get an actor. It all turns out predictably in the end like you think it would, but the journey to get their is memorable.

Like my South Park post I will repeat the same warning;
*If satire and going to the extreme to prove a point offends you...don't go on! This post might be offensive to some, read on at your own risk*

The South Park guys like to sing. Seriously, their first South Park movie was a musical at the core. This one starts off the same. The first song we hear is Everyone has Aids...seriously. With a line that says "come on everybody we got some quilting to do" you know what you are in for.

Some of the other great songs include Kim Jong Il's I'm So Ronery. They manage to take one of the most dangerous people on the earth and turn him into a nerd, loser, whatever. And you know what...most of the people view him as that now and maybe this song had something to do with it.

Of course, like in any good movie there is a montage scene. The guys knew exactly the song for it...Montage. It has that classic 80's rocker montage song and a catchy course describing the movie exactly.

Fun side note, they ended up using this song again in a South Park episode in which Stan learns to ski...classic.

And finally, the song that everyone knows from this song...the theme song America. It is so catchy and so over the top I can't put it into words. Once you listen to this song all the way through, the next time you hear someone say "America", you will follow it up with two choice words. The song lists all the good and bad things America is known for...listen at your own risk.

The other great thing about this song is how they took on Hollywood actors. Actors are always against war and defending the enemies and they took it to them. First off, the actors, led by Alec Baldwin, are part of the Film Actors can put together that acronym.

Classic...seriously, if you have one conservative bone in your body you will love that.

If you didn't laugh at that, here is the shoot out and death of all of the actors...Susan Sarandon's death is great.

Of course, like South Park, there is this "got it" moment at the end. And like South Park they go to the extremes to make it. I played this for a few non South Park people and they were amazed at how clear the point was in the video and how it actually made perfect sense.

***Don't watch if foul language offends you!!!***

That sums it up I guess. Team America is an over the top comedy. There is more surprises for you if and when you watch it. It's memorable...let's just leave it at that.

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