Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Sun Always Shines on T.V.: The Dish

This really isn't a new show for me, I have been watching it for over a year now, but it is probably one of the best clip shows out there right now. In fact, some weeks it is better than The Soup.

The Dish is a spin-off type show from The Soup. A few years ago they did a whole bunch of spin offs, Web Soup, Sport Soup...and The Dish. What makes this one different from the other flops? The host. Much like The Soup's success has always been the host, Joel McHale (and Greg Kinnear from Talk Soup), The Dish has a great host in Danielle Fishelle. If that name sounds a little familiar it should, she was Topanga on Boy Meets World.

I think it is this acting background that makes her a better host than the other guys and an equal to Joel or Kinnear. She can do the skits really well (see the clips) and she can introduce clips with ease.

The show took awhile to get going and was kind of rough at the beginning. Like The Soup there are regular segments which has really made this show work. Plus, like The Soup, actors and actresses are stopping by for quick little segments.

Bottom line, if you like The Soup, give this a try. It might take a couple of weeks to fall in love with it, but you will.

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