Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Last Laugh: Cheerleading isn't a sport

If I have any cheerleaders next year, I'm going to have fun with this story. Turns out that a college wanted to replace its volleyball team with a competitive cheerleading squad. What say the judge?

U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill ruled Wednesday that Quinnipiac University in New Jersey could not replace its women's volleyball team with a competitive cheering squad, saying cheerleading is "too underdeveloped and disorganized" to be treated as an official collegiate sport.


Side note - I have always felt any "sport" that is judged, isn't a sport. So that would be gymnastics, skating, cheerleading, etc. For me a sport is head to head competition...two enter, but only one leaves type deal.


Reindeeralyn said...

Would you classify chess as a sport?

Mr. W said...

yeah...cause it's head to head. Now I would also have to redefine athlete. I'm not saying a chess player is more athletic than a skater or cheerleader. I am saying that a chess player plays a sport.