Thursday, February 03, 2011

Music Non Stop: new Mercenary track

This song has been out for awhile and I just haven't gotten around to putting it up and giving my thoughts on it. The Follower comes off their new album Metamorphosis. A quick word on the album title because there is an obvious meaning there.

This isn't the same Mercenary line-up that gave up Architect of Lies. For whatever reason, after that tour ended they decided to dump the clean vocalist,drummer, and keyboardist. I don't mind the keyboards, but the clean vocalist worried me. He sounded great and I couldn't see the "growler" taking over all vocal duties and still having that same power. Well...

He's not bad, but he is lacking somewhat. His clean screams are awesome. At times he sounds like Andi Deris of Helloween on The Dark Ride. I still hear some keys being played in the background, but definitely not like before...which is good.

Here is a teaser for the album,

I guess I would say overall not bad. I am a little concerned on the production (I know this is a Youtube clip), but the production of Architect of Lies was near perfection for me. Listen to The Endless Fall and how heavy those guitars sound from the 2:47 mark until the 4:30 mark. Those are the riffs that make you bang your head, grab something and shake it...whatever they are amazing. I don't get that same feel here, which is surprising because they dumped the keyboards.

Anyway, this is just another album that I will probably pick up and enjoy. The loss of the pure clean vocals doesn't seem to be as big of deal as does the production right now.

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