Sunday, April 04, 2010

What can Brown do for you?: "A dead rabbit just came down my belt"

So this story was coming up, but since it involves a rabbit and it's Easter...why not? This really doesn't take place out of order either. I was on Pen 6 still running along and we had a new building manager in Chuck.

The day was almost over and the flow from the sort aisle was slowing down when all of a sudden one of my employees calls me over to the front of the belt. Well, I am sure you all know what was there...a dead rabbit, not in a box or bag, just a dead rabbit. Turns out that the little guy was a laboratory rabbit that got out of his box somehow and ended up on my belt.

Anyway, I pick up the rabbit and put him in a tote box and call Chuck and tell him that a dead rabbit just came down my belt and that someone in the sort aisle should be written up for this. T take the rabbit in the tote to Chuck by Pen 4. I show him the rabbit and am visibly upset. I see the sort guys walking in the back and call them over. Adrian and P.J. are like "we don't know where it came from, we will ask." Anyone could plainly see they were lying. Chuck didn't do anything except laugh at it. I told him it's not funny and that he needs to do something. Chuck tells me he will look into it... of course we know what that means.

Nothing ever came of it and it just became a funny side note to the building. Years later I found out what happened. The sort aisle was upset with me for telling the rest of the building what they do and of course the Wednesday meetings. So a box carrying the lab rabbits opened up and Adrian pushed it to a sorter to re-box and made the comment "we should send it to Kevin's belt". When Adrian walked away, the sorter thought it was a good idea and did it. Nice huh?

Happy Easter everyone.

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