Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inside Four Walls: CSTs are here!

Ok well I have talked about my CSTs a few times before, so nothing new here. But what I think I will do is try to predict my scores. I was told a few years ago to try to make my class grade match what they will get on the CST. I have done this by eliminating almost all partial credit and making my homework score worth less than before.

By doing these two things, their grades have been almost dead on to what they get on the CST. But in doing so, administrators want their class grades higher, without inflating them. Ahhh the ole Catch-22. I guess they want us to tutor them on the side. One teacher suggested we not work as hard because if we are still successful with 36+ students, then they will expect it every year. No comment...yet.

As for my prediction, with a little rationing behind it. I took the percentages of students that have a C or higher to come up with my numbers. These are the top percentages I can see of my students being proficient or advanced, because we all know basic or lower doesn't count.
  • Algebra B - 53%
  • Algebra 2 - 60%
  • Geometry - 53%
I would be happy with those, but my gut tells me they will be lower, not higher. Oh well, let's have them take the test and then wait til summer for the results to come in.

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