Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Sun Always Shines on T.V.: Voltron Force

Ahh the 80's. Gotta love em. One of my favorite shows growing up was Voltron. It was awesome. 5 giant lion robots that can transform and connect into one giant robot...with a freakin' blazing sword!! It was awesome. It ranked up their with G-Force (Battle of the Planets) in terms of coolness.

But like Thundercats, the powers that be want to update it. Now this was done once before and it didn't go so well. So maybe this time is different? Apparently the show takes place about 10 years after the original show and there are new cadets...really? Are they really necessary? Anyway here is the first look at the show.

What was that? That animation is something you see on a Flash animation site or worse yet the Nintendo CD-i! This looks bad...really really bad.

Maybe Thundercats will be better.

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