Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Sun Always Shines on T.V.: Two Starbucks

Where was I when this photo came out? I am a huge Battlestar Galactica fan...seriously huge. The new show was great and hopefully the latest spin off Blood & Chrome will be solid as well...hopefully a little bit faster pace than Caprica.

Anyway, apparently this was taken before the new show aired.  The man on the left was the original Starbuck.  The girl on the left, the new Starbuck.  You read that correctly, they changed the sex of one of the two main characters.  Anyway, Dirk Benedict played nice for the promo tour, but then ripped the show when it aired.  I knew he didn't like the new show, which is why I freaked out when I thought this was a current photo and not an 8 year old one.

The original Starbuck was one of my favorite characters of all time, so to turn him into a her pissed me off a bit.  However, much like the new Star Trek movie, if you are able to forget everything you remembered about the original show then the new one was actually pretty good.  I always hoped Dirk would find his way back to Galactica like Richard Hatch did, but alas it wasn't meant to be.


Darren said...

BSG was awesome. Yes, it was a bit heavy-handed politically at times, but the story was good.

I still can't decide if I'm comfortable with the final episode or not. I didn't really understand the "harbinger of death"/angel thing about Starbuck.

Mr. W said...

that the finale was a bit off compared to the rest of the series. And you are right about the political undertones that really weren't too hidden if you knew anything about current events.

As for Starbuck, the whole harbinger of death never panned out. Unless you look at it from the Cylon point of view, then she would have been the harbinger of death.

Ever watch "The Plan"?