Thursday, December 23, 2010

Inside Four Walls: 3D Glasses

As the fist week of Christmas break winds down, I thought I would share an amusing story from last week.

A girl in the front of the class had these thick framed glasses with the words "Real 3D" on the side of them. There was nothing in the glasses either, just frames.

So I put them on and looked at the class. While I was looking around another student asked if they worked. I held up my hand right in front of my face and said "It's so weird. It's like my hand is coming at me. It's like it's right in front of me." Some of the class started to laugh realizing what I was doing. But the student...not so much.

The student asked if they could try them on next. I said sure, but it was weird and pretty trippy to see things in 3D. At that point the whole class was laughing and then the student caught on to what was happening.

Good times.

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