Friday, June 04, 2010

Music Non Stop: Exodus Exhibit B - The Human Condition

So next week I hope to put out my mid-year albums. One album that won't be on it is Exodus' newest album Exhibit B: The Human Condition. This album is probably the best musically. Drums are solid, but the guitar work is probably the best I have heard in awhile. So what's the big deal? The lyrics. Now I am not some sort of stuck up guy when it comes to lyrics, but this album goes out of its way to be shocking. I will go ahead and list some of the lyrics and let you be the judge.

Beyond the Pale
Take the gun, take the knife
Take the pain, then take the life
My taste for homicide
Is rising up and amplified
Bloody deeds, my only friend
With me til the bitter end
Together we are one
And our work has just begun

Monsters, proudly displaying their deeds for the world to proscribe
Demons, walking the earth hell bent on their genocide
Show no mercy, slow executions
Laugh while mutilating
God be damned, war is hell

Good Riddance
Get down to business, cut to the chase
It's time for mankind's fall from grace
The end's coming sooner than you'll ever know
So sit back, relax and enjoy the show
No time to cry, I won't shed a tear
This is, after all the event of the year
You testify, but my replies

Notice how it is all about killing. I know metal is supposed to be dark, but for some reason this just hit me right away. Maybe it is the first person lyrics, I don't know. Those are just a few, but it is this last one that really hit home.

Class Dismissed
Everything around me ignites my rage
I'm burning with animosity
Everywhere I look another war to wage
Filled with purpose of singularity
Got my hollow points, got my magazines
Wrote my manifesto of decay
Commencement of the killing at the university
Antipathy, the lesson of the day
They never should have pushed me away

Student bodies lying dead in the halls
A blood splattered treatise of hate
Class dismissed is my hypothesis
Gun fire ends the debate
All I ever wanted was a little affection
But no one ever gave it to me
My hate primer's the result of my rejection
You'll die for it, and I'll die for thee

The halls of learning now a shooting range
My final exam with a gun
Killing everyone who ever thought me strange
My bloody dissertation has begun
Pomp and circumstance replaced by bullet wounds
The smell of gunpowder on the air
Murder is the nightmare of this afternoon
My malevolence, your cross to bear
All because of my despair


Hate lives in me
Hate lives in me
Hate-I need it and it needs me
Hate-I feed it and it fed me
Hate-I breed it and it bred me
Hate-I read it and it read me
Hate-I lead it and it led me
Hate-I bleed it and it bled me
I breathe it in, and it breathes through me

[Solo Lee]
[Solo Gary]

While SWAT teams swarm all around the quad
The symposium of slaughter carries on
Smith and Wesson is my only God
And the line in the sand has been drawn
Valedictorian of violence
Graduation day, one bullet remains
Charles Whitman set the precedent
I pull the trigger and blow out my brains
They never knew I was insane


I instruct you
And I destruct you
I deconstruct you
Until my hate has f*cked you

I put the whole song up there just to show you how bad it is. A first person view of a school shooting. Some say Pearl Jam's Jeremy was similar, but that wasn't first person and there weren't any lyrics pointing out explicitly what was happening. Metallica's Ronnie was a little more direct, but still it was told from a third person point of view like they were telling a story.

Here Exodus goes first person. In this day and age kids will do anything to be famous. Thanks to Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, or whatever they want that constant attention. I can see some kids listening to this song thinking "how cool would it be to do this? I would be remembered forever." I really hope no one ever tries to live out this song, but the mere fact they would include it and promote it is disturbing.

Well that's why Exodus won't be popping up on my list this year. And like I said it's a shame because musically this album is great. I hope they will show a little bit more restraint next time around.

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