Monday, June 14, 2010

Inside Four Walls: Summer School day 1... problems? really??

So I haven't finished with my thoughts on last year, but I have to share this story from the first day of summer school. Now at our school we have these students for 5 hours (2.5 hours with a 30 minute break, then another 2.5.). Due to budget cuts, we have been told if we drop below 35 we can lose our class... I have 39, but I think that might drop by one.

So I am done with introductions and we are going over some of the material and this kid starts talking I will call him Student R. So I tell him to stop talking and work. Before the break, I have warned Student R about 3 times to work and stop talking because it is disrupting to the class.

After break he continues to talk. I tell him "Look it's the first day of summer school, I don't want to call your parents, but I will if I have to." That usually works. In fact, I have about 2-3 students who I have had in the past that have seen me do it. They give this look, he's serious.

So what does Student R do? Continue to talk. So I get his mom's cell phone and get ready to call. Now Student R gets worried. He tells me that his mom's at work and is too busy to talk to me. And I could "call if I want to, but I would be wasting my time". So I call, I was going to anyway. So I get mom on the phone and;

Me: Hi this is Mr. W from WHS and I am calling to talk to you about your son's behavior in class. I am constantly telling him to get to work and to stop talking. I have warned him about 5 times already.

Mom: Already? It's the first day of summer school.

Me: I know...kind of funny huh? Anyway, I have about 40 kids in the class and I can't have him constantly disrupting everyone around him. I have people wanting to get into the class and I would rather have someone that wants to be here and try than someone that is constantly talking and being disruptive.

(this is the part where I was shocked)

Mom: hmmm do you think you could transfer him to another class?

Me: uhh no, I am the only Algebra B class during summer.

Mom: ohhh well...

Me: Do you want to talk to him, he's right here?

Mom: yeah

So as you can tell, not much parental support. Think about it, instead of backing me up and talking about fixing her son's behavior...her response? Move him to another class. It's not over though. I hand the phone to her son;

Student R: yeah mom, he caught me talking like 2 times. I am doing my work I will show you. I don't know why...maybe he's out to get me. But this phone call has straightened me out and I won't talk again. Love you bye

With that he handed me the phone back. That whole conversation was about 20 seconds.

Me: Yeah I don't think your son is going to be too successful in here with that attitude he just showed you and me.

Mom: yeah well...

Me: I suggest you have a strong talk with him tonight and hopefully he can do a 180 tomorrow or he isn't going to last too much longer.

Mom: Ok thanks

Me: Bye.

Yeah that's what I am dealing with. Hopefully, it won't be a repeat of the school year from 2 years ago. It can't right?

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