Thursday, July 12, 2007

Album of the moment

Ok so every now and then an album comes along, grabs my attention and then a few weeks later I forget about it. Then about 5 months later I listen to it and remember why I loved it the first time. Well Protest the Hero's Kezia is an album like that.

Protest the Hero is a band that falls under the metalcore genre, but they aren't metalcore. To me they are the closest thing to Into Eternity. If you know anything about Into Eternity, they play so many different genres of metal, but get labeled a progressive death metal band. Protest the Hero plays everything from thrash, rock, metalcore, and progressive in one song! Seriously, the time/tempo changes are amazing. You can be enjoying a heavy riff and then within a second go to a calming piano interlude. The drumming is top notch as well. I'm no expert in math metal, but to me it seems as though the drummer is using different times with his hands and feet. Guitars are switching from heavy riffs, to soloing, to just classic rock style. Vocally, the bands uses screams and clean "emo-style" vocals. There is defintely more clean than screams and there are also some female vocals thrown into the mix, but used as background vocals mostly.

I would say if you like that sort of music that is unpredictable then check out this band.
Protest the Hero's Myspace Page (4 songs from the album)

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