Friday, September 03, 2010

Insider Four Walls: more fallout from superintendent firing

So a few weeks ago I talked about how our superintendent was fired a week before school started. Then I talked about how we were not only paying our new guy, but also paying her for the next 18 months.

Well today the local newspaper ran an article about the firing and it led off with the great title of "Superintendent change to cost Walnut Valley Unified hundreds of thousands". Talk about an eye catcher. So I read it and now if the teachers weren't upset before, we are now.

Our district will pay Dr. Simms $295,500 over 18 months, while the interim receives $14,842 a month plus an extra $1000 for travel and housing. Are you kidding me? That's over $30,000 a month for these two. So in less than two months the district is paying for one teacher's full yearly salary!!

And yet, we don't have enough money in our district to fund detention? What is wrong with this place? We can't pay our class advisers or any extra duty, but we can pay out this much a month? Oh yeah, we are facing a 3 million dollar budget shortfall too. Nice.

Here's the kicker that isn't in the article though, we have heard that she is getting or has already got a lawyer to go after the district for all of the money on the contract. So now on top of paying this amount for 18 months, it might be more, PLUS our district now has to pay lawyers to go to court on this.

I love education.

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