Saturday, October 20, 2007

Venting the Anger: CST's

ok, so let me just get something off my chest. When I started teaching 5 years ago, CST results weren't that big of deal. In fact, when I came to my current school all I heard from administrators was reasons not to take the test to seriously. We heard it doesn't reflect what they learn in a year because "they could be having a bad day and they aren't concentrating", they could "be sick", they could "blow it off because there isn't accountability", or that we couldn't measure a what a student has learned by one test on one day.

Well fast forward 4 years later and apparently all of that has been blown out the window. Now we are being held completely responsible for their scores. But what has changed? Are they held accountable for their results? Nope. Are there kids that still just "blow it off"? Yep. Does it matter if they are sick or having some sort of personal drama? Nope.

So all of the reasons that we heard just 4 years ago don't matter even though nothing has been done to address them. Yet we are held accountable. When do we start expecting the students to start taking ownership?

I know I have some control over what happens with the scores, but when it's time for the test days it's all about the students. It's like my old football coach said "Cheerleaders have to cheer, coaches have to coach, and players have to play." And that's my feeling...the students have to get it done.

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