Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crappy weekend

So this past weekend might possbily be the worst weekend I have ever lived through. First off there was a huge accident at my wife's work. You can read about it there. My wife was first on the scene and saw the victim before anyone else. She is having a difficult time trying to get this out of her head and work through it.

So then we wake up Saturday morning to go on our walk. I am locking up the house and I hear my wife scream "Kevin!!! It's Charlie!!!" I run over to our neighbors yard to see our cat of 6 years lying in their yard dead. His whole chest was gone...empty. I saw his tiny little heart. What makes it worse for me is that when I was locking up the house he was sitting at the front door meowing to come in. I looked at him and told him to go to sleep outside. That was the last thing I said to my cat.
So that was my crappy weekend. There is tons more information, but I am so drained thinking of all the loss this weekend I am done talking about it. I feel bad for the family of the victim at my wife's work and the loss of our cat Charlie.


Pissed Off said...

I'm so sorry about your cat. We have two cats--they were feral and really miss the outdoors. Stories like that make me glad I make them say inside now.

Mr. Wendland said...

thanks for the comments. It's not getting easier either. It's sad cause our daughter calls for him still (she is 15 months old).