Wednesday, September 19, 2007

test results

well we got our results back from last years state testing and talk about a mixed bag. My Algebra B classes did do well. I was able to get the number of profecient and advanced up 6% from the previous year. But all my efforts in Geometry didn't pay off. Only 6 out of 36 were profecient or higher...ouch! I had 20 students that were basic. I will have to look up to see how close/far they were from becoming proficient. As for Algebra 2, a mixed bag again. I only had 14 students take the test and only 4 were proficient or higher. Looking back I realize that the high amount of seniors (16) derailed that class second semester. This year I don't have any classes that are a majority of seniors...which is good news.

I plan on doing pretty much the same thing in Algebra B as last year; multiple choice quizzes, no calculators 2nd semester, review questions daily, and mad minutes. If I get 2 years in a row of growth then I am doing something right...if not then it might indicate that I had a few bright classes.

As for Algebra 2, I will be implementing a lot of my Algebra B strategies. This means review questions throughout the year, multiple choice tests, and no calculators 2nd semester. Hopefully it will pay off.

Let me say I understand I don't control a lot of what happens on the tests. I teach the material. It's like coaching, is it the coach that just called a great game or was it the players that made his gameplan a success?

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