Thursday, April 26, 2007

post-state testing thoughts

well the state testing is all over with and I don't really know how to interpret my students reactions. Some say it was pretty tough, while others said it was ok. My Algebra 2 students said it was the hardest test geometry students had mixed reactions. You figure with the way computers and technology has come we wouldn't have to wait until the fall to see the results. Makes you wonder why it takes so long?

So the question is what now? At my old school, some of the teachers stopped teaching any new material and focused on previous material for the final or just started working towards the material for the next math course. We work so hard to finish or come close to finishing the book before testing that it does beg the question...what's the point to go on? Take my Geometry class, we finished the book (minus a few sections), but would it be wrong of me to spend 1 - 2 weeks on Algebra I topics to job their memories for Algebra 2? Can you say factoring/completing the square? My arguement would be that nothing they learn now will help them out on the state test which is what we have been drilling to them. Algebra 2 still has 2 chapters to go, so they will still be finishing the book. Makes me wonder what other teachers are doing. I know that most AP teachers watch regular movies after their AP test...will regular ed classes go that way?

Oh well enough shop, back to music. One album that I didn't list yesterday that I have been thinking about is Machine Head's The Blackening. This album was released about a month or so ago and it is truly killer. Now I would hate to call an album a classic after it has been out for less than 6 months, but this one does might just get me to change that thought process. I will doing a review of the album later, but for those who haven't heard it...the first song is over 10 minutes. Tons of time changes, awesome solos, and solid drumming. This could be this generations Master of Puppets...there I said it.

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