Saturday, April 14, 2007

ahhh who knew a baby was this time consuming?

well for those who thought I fell off the Earth, I haven't just been busy with my wife, baby, and still adjusting to our new house.

Anyway, we have our huge state testing next week, but the math one isn't until the second week back. I am feeling pretty good about my Algebra B classes, but can't really get a solid read on my Geometry and Algebra 2 classes...we will wait and see.

I find it funny how just a few years ago we didn't put too much emphasis on the test saying "it's one test...they could have a bad day and mess up" to now where it is "show us what you know" other words don't screw up. Fun huh?

As for this blog, I was originally running it as a music info site, which I still will, but I think I will also post more on school and maybe some TV...who knows. My goal is to try and post every day...or at least 5 times a week.

As for music, for the next 2 weeks we are going to be listening to Metallica, so maybe I will post some stuff on them...wait and see.

oh and for those curious, I still listen to Sepultura. I was gonna take some time to explain the whole "tribal metal" scene. BTW if you listen to Sepultura and like their later day stuff check out Soulfly. The lead singer/guitarist used to be in Sepultura, and their debut has been called Roots 2. My personal favorite of theirs is Dark Ages...more like Chaos A.D. 2

Recently, I have been listening to new bands that are playing straight up classic thrash. Susperia - Cut From Stone, Sanctity - Road to Bloodshed, Machine Head - The Blackening (album of the year!) and some others.

Even more recently, industrial metal. I'm not talking about Ministry or Godflesh, but more in the vein of Fear Factory, Dagoba, Mnemic, Threat Signal, Sybreed, and Static-X. I will talk more about these bands and that genre later on...ok well time to get back to work.


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