Monday, April 30, 2007

Megadeth - United Abominations

well a quick note just for a sec about Megadeth's latest offering. I have heard Gears of War and wasn't that impressed, but I have heard some other tracks and I gotta say this is looking to be a pretty solid album. Sleepwalker sounds more and more like classic Megadeth...not sure if I am gonna go back to R.I.P., but it is defintely the best thing they have written in some time. Solos are all over the place. I was happy with TWNAH and TSHF, so I expect UA to be just as solid. On a side note, Megadeth is pretty famous for their covers (like Iron Maiden) and this one was designed by a fan. It looks pretty tight, Vic looks a little bit different, but I am ok with it.

As for this blog, look for some talk about Soulfly ( I was reading earlier posts) and realized I never went back and talked about Soulfly or later day Sepultura. Both are solid examples of tribal metal. Plus Soulfly is going to be releasing some new songs this week on their website so it will be interesting to see the direction the band is going in.

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