Thursday, November 13, 2008

Venting the Anger: Webwasher

So for those of you that visit here, you might have noticed a lack of posts lately. This is due to one thing...Webwasher. I usually post at work, during the morning, lunch, or after school mainly because with 2 small kids it's hard to find time at home.

So no biggie right? Wrong. Out of nowhere I go to log on to Blogger and find it has been blocked, User Defined, which means someone at our school or district thought we shouldn't have access to Blogger at work and blocked it.

Well here lies the problem, not that I can't blog at work (even if it is during my free time), we have been told to "embrace technology". Blogger was talked about as a tool to help connect us with the students. We could post homework or start threads about topics. Heck in BTSA ( a state mandated course) we were told we had to start a blog for the class. In fact, of you look at my first few posts they were in relation to BTSA. I didn't turn it into what it is now until I realized that I didn't need a blog because I had a class website.

So what happens now? I talked to our tech guy and he is looking into it. That was two weeks ago and still nothing. I will find a way to post my top 10 albums, which is pretty much set in stone. But I did want to post my favorite we will wait and see.

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Proxy Mr Wendland, proxy..