Monday, August 24, 2009

Thoughts Without Words: New school year, CSTs, & upcoming albums

ok so today was the first day of school and what do I think about it? Who knows...really can you tell much from the first day and only 32 minutes with each class? Here's what I do know;
  • have a lot of freshmen again, but with only one Alg. B class it shouldn't be too bad
  • 1 Alg. B, 2 Geometry, 2 Alg. 2
  • my room gets stuffy because a.c. won't go past 70, but with 38 bodies the room barely cools to 73.
  • 4th period will probably be my nosiest class simply because there are about 10 - 15 who are good friends in that class
  • it's gotta be better than last year...right?
  • only 179 days to go :-)
CSTs are coming in slowly. We have a new system, but we have been told that some of our students are missing and aren't in the right class. I looked at my Geometry and calculated it by hand and had about 56% proficient or advanced. I'm not too happy with that. 5th period was the smartest class I had and I expected a few more proficient or advances in there. 6th period nothing surprised me there. They skated through the whole year and it showed in their results. With my Alg. B classes I wasn't too surprised either. I worked it out to be 50% proficient or advanced. This was one of my lowest groups of students and I told my dean that before 1st semester ended that my scores would be down alot because of the students' inability to be responsible and proactive. Oh well life goes on.

New music in September should be a good one. New Shadows Fall & Megadeth. The 3 songs form Megadeth I have heard sound like it could be the best stuff since TWNAH. I like the guitar tone, thanks to Andy Sneap I suppose. And as for Shadows Fall, I have heard 3 songs from their new album as well and it sounds a lot better than Threads of Life. Hoping for two great releases this month. Right now, Susperia is probably my album of the year...who would have thought? Don't get me wrong, Susperia is one of my favorite bands, but this album didn't hit me like Unlimited or Cut From Stone. I will say they are writing some of the best thrash/heavy metal right now.

that's it for now. I gotta talk about 2 of my new favorite tv shows next time.

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