Sunday, May 03, 2009

Thoughts Without Words: CSTs and whatever else

So the CSTs are over now and I really have no clue as to how my students did. Some are confident that they passed, while others said they guessed on the whole thing...nice huh? I won't stress about it until August or so, then it goes away for a year. All I can do is prepare them for the test and let the chips fall where they may.

So what else is going on? Well let's see my son is turning one this week. Has it already been one year?

I took a look at the number of postings I have been doing...pretty lame. I really hat webwasher. I can't blog at work anymore. Whatever happened to being able to get our own "teacher" login? Who knows. Work needs to end pretty quick. Having 70% of my students be freshmen has worn on me. I will say that they have matured a bit and are finally learning some responsibility and accountability.

What else? I haven't talked about BSG's finale in detail that much and I won't go into it today, but I will say that the first hour was awesome and ranks up there as a movie in terms of acting and visuals.

Music? Wow what a disappointing year so far. Last year at this time I already had 10 solid albums. Right now? Pretty much zero. God Forbid has a solid album out right now and The Sorrow's Origin of the Storm is also solid. The Sorrow's album reminds me a ton of Killswitch Engage, which is a good thing. Other than that...nothing. I am waiting patiently for the second half to hit. Let's see these are the ones I know of;
Killswitch Engage
Shadows Fall
Fear Factory (hopefully)
Arkaea (members of FF & Threat Signal)
Threat Signal (maybe)

Now that is a solid list of metal. What am I listening to right now? Mainly, Shadows Fall, Nightrage, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, and Devildriver.

TV? I am waiting for the second season of Spectacular Spiderman to start up again.

Out for now, who knows when I will post again.

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