Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Future Uncertain: Predications 2008-2009

So I am doing something different this year in my classes. I am having them write a letter to themselves explaining what they hope to accomplish in class and how they are going to do it. They also talk about things they are worried about or excited to do. On the flip side, they also get to make predictions about the year itself; who will win the Super Bowl, who will be President, if they will still be friends with whoever. So in the spirit of doing what my students are doing here are my 2008/2009 predictions.

* I will learn to embrace the freshmen and take care of them...parenting instincts.
* I will have a higher number of first semester failures, due to the high amount of freshmen.
* Our football will beat Diamond Bar and make the playoffs...barely, but they will.
* Girls sports in general will continue to dominate boys in terms of league titles and wins.
* 5th period will end up being my favorite class, but wouldn't have been in my top 3 from last year.

* McCain will squeak out a victory because of the way Palin handles her daughters pregnancy.
* Cowboys (ugh!) will win the Super Bowl
* Angels will go into the playoffs has the favorite to win the World Series, but lose in the 2nd round.
* Metallica's Death Magnetic will still be my favorite album into 2009.
* Battlestar Galatica won't live up to the hype, but will leave me wanting more.

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