Friday, July 18, 2008

And so it begins...*UPDATED*

the rest of 2008's great year of music that is. With albums from Metallica, All That Remains, Into Eternity, and Trivium sure to make waves in my top 10 list, other bands are releasing albums that are looking to be just as solid. Bands like Soulfly and The Human Abstract are two bands that I am also looking forward to hearing.

Soulfly's last album, Dark Ages, was a classic combination of thrash metal and tribal metal. Songs like Babylon and I and I are simply classics. Max Cavalera reunited with his brother earlier in the year to release Cavalera Conspiracy, which had it's moments, but probably won't make my top 10. They released their first single from the album, Unleash, and it seems to be in the same vein as Dark Ages so who knows...what the video for yourself and decide.


The Human Abstract are a band that is similar in style to that of Protest the Hero. That sort of chaotic metal with death growls and clean vocals...great stuff. They released a couple of songs on their Myspace which have me thinking that this album could be better than Protest the Hero's Fortress. You can listen to the new songs HERE.

Not but certainly not least is Into Eternity, which is a band that I love a lot. They have a song from their new album on their myspace as well. My one complaint about The Scattering of Ashes was the more straight forward music, not a lot of time/tempo changes. With the song they have released, that seems to have disappeared. Now this is also a concept album, so who knows what to expect. I do notice a lack of a solo in the song, but I doubt rhis will be a St. Anger type album. Anyway take a listen HERE.

Oh yeah Metallica have named their album, Death Magnetic, interesting name...I saw an "in the studio video" and the solo I heard seriously could have been off of And Justice For All...I know that may come across as a little "fanboy-ish", but I am really excited about this one.

*UPDATE 7-18-08* so the day after I post this Metallica release the artwork for the new album. Here it is
I have heard that alot of the white around the magnetic irons will be removed. It's not the best cover I have seen, especially when you compare it to classic like Master of Puppets, AJFA, and Ride the Lightning. But as most have noted, the old logo is back. Here are some samples from the new album too.

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