Thursday, June 26, 2008

Venting the Anger: Changing Vocalists

Man this is starting to piss me off a bit. I don't understand why a band changes their lead vocalists. NOw I understand there is the whole "lead singer syndrome", but sometimes you have to scratch your head and say why. Over the past few months or years some of my favorite bands have dumped their lead singer, apparently for no other reason than to sell more records. It all started with Mnemic. Their album, The Audio Injected Soul, was a masterpiece in the industrial metal genre. So what do they do? Dump the vocalist and release a crap of an album with Passenger. I was so disappointed with the album, it made my top disappointments of 2007. Another example would have to be The Autumn Offering. Once again a great album, Embrace the Gutter, a true masterpiece of modern thrash and metalcore. Then they ditch the vocalist and release the embarassing Fear Will Cast No Shadow.

Well I thought maybe that this trend would stop, but I found out last week that Fear My Thoughts have dumped their vocalist in favor of a crappy vocalist. Their last album Vulcanus was killer, a killer slice of melodic death metal. And from the samples I have heard from their new's gonna suck.

Why can't bands just keep going ahead with who they have. I understand that sometimes there is personality conflicts, but this whole idea of switching to sell more records is stupid. Especially when the new guy can't re-create what once was.

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