Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sepultura Chaos A.D. . . a slight change

ok first off 6-6-06...not a big deal. But if you didn't play Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast, you won't get another good chance to play it...well in 100 years you can.

onto Sepultura...
Well when we left off, sepultura released Arise, which imo, is just a classic thrash album. So you go to pick up Chaos A.D. and you notice something right away, that drum intro on Refuse/Resist. But the rest of the song is good classic metal. Then you listen to Territory, a little slower in places and that 'tribal' drumming again. That's right I said 'tribal' drumming. This is the album people say is the start of 'tribal' Sepultura. The drums have a 'tin can' sound at times...that's right St. Anger wasn't the first album to use it. Guitar solos aren't straight-foward, but there is more of just making sounds at times...but it does work. Anyway. the classic thrash of Arise is almost gone. And I say almost because if you listen to Amen or Propoganda, and Clenched Fist you definitely hear some Arise influence creeping in. The guitars are still heavy as all get out. And it isn't until track 4, Kaiowas, that you go 'huh, is this Sepultura?' Another thing you notice is the lyrics. Chaos A.D. defintely is a more political album, separating Sepultura from any other 'death metal' band.

Stand out tracks; gotta go with Refuse/Resist first off the drumming on the intro and outro are simply the ebst thing I have ever heard. Once again Sepultura puts one of the best songs on the entire album 1st...something they did with Arise and will again and again. Territory is a pretty solid song a cool drum intro again, not as good as Refuse/Resist and a pretty heavy slow chugging riff. Slave New World is in a very similar vein of Territory. Amen, as I said earlier has a cool thrash section, but it to also follows the heavy slower paced songs. Notice these are the first 4 tracks...Sepultura likes to stack the album at the top I guess. Nomad, Propoganda, and Clenched Fist are solid, with Clenched Fist really playing up the guitar noises. The Hunt is very catchy and if you like sing-a-long choruses then this is your song.

Bottom line, this is a transition album and it is done very well. most fans of pre-Roots and post-Roots really like this album. You can hear a change coming, but yet they keep the thick, heavy, riffs and guitar sound to please the classic metal fans. And yet adding new dimensions to their sound with 'tribal' drumming and instrumentals like Kaiowas. If you liked Arise, you should find enough here to keep you happy. If you thought Roots was a little to 'nu-metal' for you, then this is your album.

Next time...Roots, let the arguments begin.

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